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[huh] *The Midnight Sky* is easy to view, but challenging to interpret. It is set in the year 2045 (I believe) and the in-universe technology is sufficiently advanced that it makes historical family recordings both accessible yet also hazy—just like natural memories. That is at odds with us knowing little background of the characters and their mental "fitness" so we can't be sure whether they are hallucinating real people or not. Such situations occur calmly and are mostly agreeable.

The movie is technically brilliant! I still don't know how they shot the extended weightless scenes. The videography near Saturn is amazing. I almost searched for arctic weather stations to see where this was filmed.

The human aspects of the story are gut-wrenchingly realistic. Almost too much for this recent widower. But there may be hope that humankind survives despite all the harsh realities these characters face.

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